The privacy policy has been framed for the ones who are concerned about how personal information is used by accessing our website.  As you access our website, you share your personal information and confirm entering into a binding contract with us under Indian Law and regulations. Here PII is your personally identifiable information, which you share with us, and we can access the information on our own to locate, identify and contact any single person.

You hereby agree to our usage, collection, sharing, and revelation/disclosure of information as mentioned in our privacy policy. We hold/ reserve the right/license to change/modify our terms and conditions at any anytime. We highly encourage you to read our privacy policy before using our website.  You shall be solely reliable to any particular local law if you access the website from an overseas location.

Information Collection

Information collection while registration

While filling the registration form, we access and collect your contact number, email address, full name, and phone number.

Information of your Order

When you place an order, we collect the billing details and specific payment and transaction details. We collect only relevant and required information to deliver the products to your doorsteps.

Information Usage

We aggregate your information when you use our website. The sole purpose of tracking the information is to know how you use our website, on which device you operate it. Along with this, we access the system types, payment history, login details, previous order history and transaction details. If you use any third-party services, we access that information too, as it’s important for our use.

How do we use your personal information?

We use your information provided at the time of registration or buying the products to know how we can serve you and other customers better. We use the information for the below purposes:

The information is accessed to provide you tracking and other product updates, process transactions and provide you invoice or billing information.

We use your email to provide you monthly newsletters, send you promotional and marketing emails. In any case, if you do not like to get these promotional emails you can choose to unsubscribe or opt-out of it. You will still receive promotional messages regarding our products via SMS or postal mail.

You are allowed/permitted to share our website content or site related information with friends. You may provide us with your friend’s email address so that we can speed up the process by sending relevant emails regarding the website and its products. You are solely responsible for sharing your friend’s personal information with us.

The reason behind accessing the information is to conduct quality assessments, audits and provide sales support.

Some site information is necessary for you to serve you better and for us to achieve a high level of customer service.

The main reason behind accessing your personal information is to protect you from risks, detect and remediate any suspicious action. With your information, we protect you from any illegal or prohibited activities.

Disclosure of information to third-party?

We do not disclose/sell/share your personal information with any third party organisation or website.

How do we secure your information?

We scan our website every time to check and detect the security loopholes and vulnerabilities. Our website gets regularly scanned for malware detection to make it a safe place for visitors. We protect and encrypt your information behind security walls so that only a few authorised people can get access.

We follow a set of security standards whenever the user makes an order to secure your personal information. We do not process any kind of online transaction on our servers.

We do not show your credit/debit card number when you put it while purchasing the products.

Our website is 100% secure with authenticated SSL security to guarantee the privacy and confidentiality of your information.

What are cookies and do we use them?

Cookies are small pieces of blocks of data left on your device for tracking. You may have seen that whenever on accessing any website, your computer warns you regarding the cookies. You canturn off cookies by simply changing the browser settings. It will not affect that much, just a few features of our website won’t function properly thus affecting the user experience. Well, still you can browse and buy your products.

Security of Information

The purpose of keeping your data with us is as long as you use our website and have an account on it. We protect your personal information from loss, misuse, and getting damaged. Even our company employees have restrictions to access the personal information of our visitors.

Retention of Information 

We own the right to preserve and retain the personal information of our visitors. We may keep your data aggregated for a long time and use it whenever needed for our business purpose.  Along with this, we may use your personal information for our legitimate business needs, tax, audits, and other obligations. On your request, we can delete your personal information, and in case there is an ongoing issue, we are liable to keep the data until the issue is resolved.

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